Saturday, 25 September 2010

Battle of Nations 2010 - Part 1

Hi all,

Lately I have been very busy with studies for my masters. however, I still find the time to enjoy battles with my friends without fail. Currently we are engaged in a 12,000 point massive battle involving forces from France, Poland, Saxony, Bavaria, Switzerland and Wurttemberg arrayed against the forces of Austria, Russia and Prussia.
The following pictures show the forces of both sides set up at the beginning of the battle in their starting positions. The table is 2.8mtrs (9ft) by 1.8mtrs (6ft) in width. In our scale this is equal to 2,800yds by 1,800yds. As can be seen, many of the allied units have name tags for ease of identification for the players because of the shear size of the action.

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