Friday, 15 May 2009

My Austrian Army...

Hi all,

This latest post is about my fledgling Austrian Army, well, not really an army, more like a collection of units so far. My favourite army is the French army but the Austrian army is my second choice, it is huge, diverse and full of colour. Yes the uniforms of the Infantry might be predominately white but the array of facing colours is what I like about them. From far away you see a sea of white but close up is a veritable garden of colour which really gives a great look to this army.

They also have the reputation for being the most consistent army to face the French over a period spanning around 23 years. While other countries would come and go over those years in short campaigns the Austrians just kept on fighting against France for most of the period. The only other country to do a similar thing were the Brits in Spain and on the sea. For me the Austrians and their army portray a consistent adversary opposing all things of Revolutionary France after the fall of that country's King and Queen and their persistence in trying to destroy the revolution before it spread and their belief that they would succeed. This trait to me signifies their stubbornness in battles that were among the most hardest fought of the entire wars, even when all was going wrong they fought with a total determination til the last.

I have not as yet painted up too much of this magnificent army but I do intend to rectify that. I have put up a few pictures to show what I have done so far: These two pictures are of an Austrian Grenadier Btln, clearly can be seen the cuff and colour colours of the various parent formations.

The next four pictures are of various Austrian Officer stands, they do not depict any officers in particular but more so they are here to show the variance of figures on the stands :

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